Monday, 12 July 2010

The Event

What an absolutely fabulous morning. Meet so many people with stories to tell and so willing to stop and write down what they liked about the town centre, and, of course, what they didn't. We got 152 responses and I already know there is some remarkable information gathered - how about the lady who got chopped in half! Then there was the person who wanted more night-clubs and, on the historical side, the one time importance of Warner street. There's a lot to sift through.
The event was supported by Huckleberry Films (link) and Matthew Lewis (link) so really looking forward to seeing their work.
Also fantastic to meet with everyone from Accrington Web who have been so helpful and supportive.
One comment I got quite a lot was the reply "we're not from Accrington, we just like coming to shop here." There's something going on in Accy that people like.

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