Thursday, 2 September 2010

Accrington Icons

Since rendering a 3D map I have been thinking about how to add character to it. Many centres have an illustrated map viewed from high, looking down on finely drawn buildings, nicely coloured in. But I want to take this project further. It was interesting that in the survey nobody described the fine architectural detail in the Town Hall or at the front of the Market Hall (apart from a couple of very knowledgable people). Even though I've been past them many times and admired them I couldn't actually describe them. I perhaps, like many people have become visually blind to what is around. Further to this many people who lived in Accrington didn't like the town centre and yet people from outside the area, and it was a surprise to us how many there were, liked shopping in Accrington more than their "home" town. So perhaps we need to look differently about what is here. If there was a dark tall modern building in reflective glass instead of the Town Hall then people would be able to describe it because it would be a big monstrous, ugly box but because the Town Hall is elegant, well proportioned and finely decorated then it's difficult to sum it up in one entity.

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